Forum on IPSASB Exposure Draft 75, Leases, and Request for Information

View a special ICGFM presentation with João Carlos Fonseca, Principal at IPSASB about ED75 and moderated by Mike Parry, President of PFM Training Ltd. Gain a better understanding about lease accounting and help develop ICGFM’s comments to IPSASB on ED75.

The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board® (IPSASB®) has released for comment Exposure Draft (ED) 75, Leases and Request for Information, Concessionary Leases and Other Arrangements Similar to Leases. Stakeholder comments on ED 75 and Request for Information sought by May 17, 2021. Originally aired May 11, 2021.

ED 75 proposes an IFRS 16, Leases aligned model for lease accounting in the public sector. For lessees, as with the IPSASB’s previous proposals in ED 64, ED 75 proposes a right-of-use model that will replace the risks and rewards incidental to ownership model in International Public Sector Accounting Standard® (IPSAS®) 13, Leases. For lessors, ED 75 proposes to substantially carry forward the risks and rewards incidental to ownership model in IPSAS 13 in response to ED 64 comments and practical IFRS 16 implementation experience.

Issued alongside ED 75, the Request for Information will provide the IPSASB with further information on the issues that need to be considered in accounting for concessionary leases and other arrangements similar to leases that are quite common in the public sector. This will then allow the IPSASB to determine the nature and extent of the additional guidance required in phase two of the Leases project.

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João Carlos Fonseca

Principal, IPSASB

João Carlos Fonseca has a PhD in Economics and a Master of Science in Administration and Public Policies. He has over 20 years of experience in the areas of Public Administration, with a focus on National Accounts, Public Finance, Public Sector Accounting and Auditing. João is a former member of the Public Sector Accounting Committee of the Portuguese Accounting Standards Board representing Statistics Portugal. He is currently the Principal at the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board of International Federation of Accountants and is responsible for the projects on The Applicability of IPSAS, Employee Benefits, Leases, alignment between IPSAS and National Accounts/Government Finance Statistics and alignment between IPSAS and IFRS