Timothy Robinson 

Principal Economist, Nathan Associates, USA


Mr. Robinson is an economist with experience in public financial management, tax policy, and macro fiscal modelling. He has over 10 years of experience working with governments worldwide on fiscal and public financial management reform initiatives. He has been the Director of the Australia PNG Economic Partnership, a DFAT funded program in Papua New Guinea and an advisor to the Treasurer of Papua New Guinea on Macro-Fiscal and PFM issues, supporting the development of the budget and engagement with multilaterals. He has previously been a Macro and PFM Advisor for the Governments of Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Uganda, among others. He has worked across a number of agencies, including the IMF, World Bank, US Treasury and multiple others advising and undertaking research. Mr. Robinson has worked closely alongside the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility, and the World Bank and ADB infrastructure initiatives supporting major concessional infrastructure investments worldwide.