Paola Barragán Montes de Oca

Chief of Party, USAID Peru Transparent Public Investment (TPI) Project, Peru


Ms. Barragan is a governance, transparency, and rule of law expert with 26 years of experience. She currently leads USAID/Peru’s Transparent Public Investment Project. She has experience leading complex international donor-funded transparency, justice, anticorruption, and institutional-strengthening projects in Latin America and Africa. As a four-time USAID chief of party (DRC, Colombia, El Salvador and now, Peru), Ms. Barragan has led, implemented and delivered democracy and governance programs. She has also led World Bank, IDB and United Nations projects in the Sahel, Liberia, South Sudan, Burundi, Bolivia, Honduras, and Ecuador, where she developed strong relationships with a wide range of actors from diverse cultural, geographic, economic, political, and social contexts in seventeen countries. She holds a law degree from Paris University Panthéon-Sorbonne and a master’s in management and public policy from the Universidad Católica Boliviana and Harvard Institute for International Development. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian.